For all the reasons you love your dog, there's

Epilepsy management for a full and happy life


How is epilepsy managed?

Epilepsy is a life-long condition. It cannot be ‘cured’, but it can be managed so that dogs and their owners can continue to lead a full and happy life together.

As each dog is different, and the severity and types of epilepsy vary, your vet will be able to advise you about how best to manage your dog’s condition and will always tailor treatment to suit the individual needs of your dog.

The tips below may also help you monitor your dog’s progress.


Help manage your dog’s epilepsy by:

  • Monitoring the number of seizures your dog has
  • Keeping a diary of your dog’s progress
  • Telling your vet immediately if there are any changes in your dog
  • Asking your vet for any additional information or help

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